Friday, June 27, 2014

The World of Digital Storytelling

This week I had the opportunity to explore Digital Story tools, as well as, create my very own Digital Story! At first, the thought of creating my very own story felt overwhelming! However, using the resources developed by Alan Levine, I was able to decide on a topic and get to writing! Creating a Digital Story was both enjoyable and at times frustrating. The pro of Digital Story making,  is that it really allows you to be creative as you make the story your own. For my assignment, I decided to use Storybird. I was introduced to Storybird during a Professional Development day. We were provided with little time to truly explore the website in depth. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to revisit the site and learn about it by “doing” (creating my own Digital Story). In order to incorporate this tool into my classroom, I will need to create several more example stories, to further my understanding of the specific Digital Tool I am using. Digital Story tools offer the opportunity for educators to liven up their everyday instruction.

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  1. Great post and AWESOME idea to explore Storybird in more detail for our class. That's the purpose of this class... :-)

    ~ John