Sunday, June 15, 2014

Information Overload!

The amount of information we explored in Module 2 has my head spinning! The majority of the information was brand new to me and will definitely be revisited to further my knowledge and skills. The “Googlemania” section was extremely beneficial, as I’ve had a Google account for many years and was completely unaware of all the resources readily available for my use.  I appreciate that this course forces you to explore topics, you think you are familiar with, only to discover how many tools and resources you have been missing out on!

As I continue to familiarize myself with the Web 2.0 resources, I hope to gradually incorporate the resources in my lessons. I have both sites bookmarked and plan to continue exploration to further understand the benefits and resources offered by both sites!  

The exploration topic that received a strong reaction from me was the Twitter section. I use my Twitter account as recreational social media. I tweet and follow friends, celebrities, news accounts etc., But I had never considered that I could be following education-related accounts. My favorite section of this exploration topic was reading about how teachers used Twitter with their students for instructional purposes. I LOVED the teacher that began a story by tweeting a line and allowing his students as well as students across the world to add on to the story via tweets.  Seeing how social media can be beneficial in the classroom, allows teachers to open their minds to technology and all the resources it offers.

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  1. Sorry to cause your head to spin, but it sounds like you have a good handle on the topics. ~John